Recent glorious weather has prompted many of us to turn our mind to planting and perhaps getting some bright autumnal colours into the garden or farm. The cheapest option is bare-rooted plants – they root well and settle in better. Planting of bare-root hedging and trees begins now in October and continues until early Spring.

On the farm choose native species such as Oak, Ash, Birch, Rowan, Alder, Holly and Whitethorn. They are better for our wildlife. We all love the Whitethorn when it is in full May blossom.

In the garden fruiting trees such as decorative Crab Apples and Mountain Ash will provide coloured berries that last into the winter. Acers can give us magnificent reds and yellows in their Autumn foliage.

A wide range of hedging and trees from small saplings to strong trees up to 12 ft. tall are available from Fermoy Woodland Nurseries – just 1 minute off the Cork – Dublin road, in Fermoy.


Michael Egerton BSc. Hort. Sci.