The old adage: Plant in a month with ‘R’ has much truth in it.

Bare Root:

The bare root season runs from the end of October or beginning of November – end of March and into April with some late flushing species or cold stored material. In our temperate maritime climate planting through the mid-winter is not a problem as we tend not to experience severe frosts. Bare rooted material can be planted throughout November, December, January, February and March. Cold stored material can be planted in April. While planting throughout the months named above we always advise to plant early in order to give the roots time to settle. Heavy rain throughout the winter months will mean any losses will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Rootball material:

The rootball season is slightly extended from the bare root season both beginning at the start of November however the protection offered by the rootball enables planting to continue through April and into May so long as they are looked after and kept moist.

Container Grown:

Container grown stock can be planted year round. Planting in a month with ‘R’ is best as there is more rainfall and therefore more soil moisture. There are of course exceptional periods of dryness and in these circumstances watering is a must in order to avoid any casualties. If planting in summer months then plants must be watered on a regular basis until establishment. Good luck and Happy Planting!!!