• Dig over and loosen the soil
  • Only dig to depth of the root-ball or bare root
  • Dig a square hole twice the width of the root-ball
  • Do not plant too deep – ideally the root flair should be at ground level or even higher
  • Do not ad organic matter or fertiliser when planting it discourages root growth
  • Do not allow bare-root plants to dry out, Immerse in water for 1-2 hours before planting
  • This is not necessary with root-ball plants
  • Cut hessian sack and leave under the plant with the root-ball exposed
  • Bury a perforated hose pipe with one end exposed for watering the tree over the first growing season
  • Crumble the soil as you backfill and compress the soil around the roots – no excessive ‘heeling in’
  • Check the tree regularly for wind rock and firm in.


  • We recommend staking trees over 2 meters high
  • Swaying in the wind is good for trees, it promotes trunk and root growth
  • But, too much wind will damage the root system
  • Trees should be checked regularly for wind rock after planting
  • Stakes can be driven into the ground before backfilling
  • Use flexible ties and check these often
  • More damage is done by unchecked stakes and ties then by the wind!


  • Spiral tree guards give good rabbit protection
  • Water weekly through to first Autumn
  • Regular checks of stakes and ties – remove after 2nd
  • Keep base grass and weed free
  • Mulch – bark, wood-chip, leaf mould or mypex
  • But not too close to the bark – this can cause bark to rot
  • Be very aware of strimmers & lawnmowers – they cause the most harm spring