Planting Tips

  1. Measure length & width of piece of ground.
  2. Decide on final height of plants required.
  3. Some plants can be clipped to form a neat hedge, others are better left unclipped.
  4. Plant hedging plants 1 foot apart & trees for screens & windbreaks 10 foot apart, or combine the two.
  5. Do you require any evergreen plants? We recommend a mix. Do not plant solid screens of evergreens except in exceptional circumstances.
  6. Plant barerooted plants between November & March.
  7. Reduce grass and weeds with Roundup, Paraquat or black polythene.
  8. Dig a small trench about 9" to 12" deep & use some well rotted manure or peat if available. Mound planting helps if drainage.
  9. Firm the plants well with your heel, to avoid 'rocking'. Go back regularilyl & repeat this.
  10. Farmers planting Whitethorn for REPS, we suggest planting at 7 per meter & trimming back spindly top growth to encourage basal growth. Fence out stock while hedge becomes established. Control grass & weeds.
  11. Watering new plantings may be required during the first season, especially if planting late (after March), & especially Beech.